About CrunchPrep

CrunchPrep measures your performance over time so you know where to improve.

Study for the GRE anytime, anywhere. Get a personalized study plan, learn from expert tutors, take customized practice sessions, analyze rich statistics on how you perform, and get a high score on the GRE, guaranteed. Best of all? CrunchPrep is free for up to 7 days and 100 questions.

Our Team

Jitta Raghavender Rao Co-founder

Jitta started CrunchPrep to make technology education more affordable and accessible and is super focused on making students happy.

Sachin Kaundinya Co-founder

Sachin joined Jitta at a crucial time to take CrunchPrep to the world and is super focused on reaching out to thousands of students.

Our Story

We met over a group lunch in college. We studied together for the GRE.  We set up CrunchPrep in 2014. Now we work together every day. Frankly, we have been friends longer than either of us would care to admit. But as two accidental educators turned entrepreneurs, we share more than just some awkward undergrad years – we share both a vision and a passion for education. But how did it all begin?

Back when we were preparing for the GRE and the GMAT, we faced the same problems that students are still facing today. The coaching classes were boring, very costly, and had inconvenient schedules. The books were outdated with unclear explanations. The online resources made it all the more confusing: the free ones were obviously substandard, and the paid ones were slightly better but charged astronomical prices. And unfortunately, every single one of these problems exist even today.

After trying all the available options and finding them unworthy, we developed a lot of techniques ourselves while studying, and eventually scored high on our tests. Our friends bugged us to know how we scored over 98 percentile without enrolling into any prep course. We taught them our techniques and helped them score well too. Thanks to our friends, a lot of students from across the country asked if we can share our secrets with them too. That’s when we understood that there are thousands of students who face the same problems as we did, and realized the impact we could create if we can reach out to them. After many long nights of brainstorming, CrunchPrep was born.

At CrunchPrep, we strive to provide the best learning experience to students worldwide at the most affordable prices around. We believe every student should have access to quality education irrespective of learning circumstances and economic conditions.

We’re at the forefront of this new era of education – where learning meets technology and design. We don’t create one-size-fits-all study plans and lessons that are assigned to everyone. Instead, we work closely with each student, understand their needs, learn their goals, and create a plan that accurately and uniquely fits them.

We Promise To…

Understand your dreams, and help you achieve them
Work hard to make learning simple, so you don’t have to
Be committed to build the best study plan for you
Guide you on university selection, and essays for free
Give you a meaningful score guarantee
Focus on creating a delightful experience for you

We Our Students

We are doing our best to make you happy. If you want to ask questions, discuss your plans, or just say hey, we’re always here!

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