About CrunchPrep

CrunchPrep measures your performance over time so you know where to improve.

Study for the GRE anytime, anywhere. Get a personalized study plan, learn from expert tutors, take customized practice sessions, analyze rich statistics on how you perform, and get a high score on the GRE, guaranteed. Best of all? CrunchPrep is free for up to 7 days and 100 questions.

Our Team

Jitta Raghavender Rao Co-founder

Sachin Kaundinya Co-founder

Praveen Shahi Head of Sales and Marketing

Sarat Suman Product Manager

We Promise To…

Understand your dreams, and help you achieve them
Work hard to make learning simple, so you don’t have to
Be committed to build the best study plan for you
Guide you on university selection, and essays for free
Give you a meaningful score guarantee
Focus on creating a delightful experience for you

We ❤ Our Students

We are doing our best to make you happy. If you want to ask questions, discuss your plans, or just say hey, we’re always here!