Reasons you’ll love studying with CrunchPrep

CrunchPrep comes with a wide range of features that tailor the course around your comfort and abilities, and help you focus on your weaknesses.

Detailed Lessons

Learn From The Most Comprehensive Material on The Planet

Learn powerful strategies for every section and question type that the GRE tests you on and prepare like a champion. Take notes, bookmark lessons, study recommended lessons and mark confidence levels.

Powerful, Actionable Strategies

Understand the GRE in and out, and learn very powerful strategies that will help you solve even the toughest of the GRE questions.

Most Comprehensive and Up-to-date Course

With over 250+ lessons written by experts, learn every single topic in great detail, from the most comprehensive GRE material ever.

Know What To Do. When To Do.

Get customized study plans and recommended lessons created by experts exclusively for you based on your schedule and targets.

Take Notes and Bookmark Lessons

Think something is important and needs a revision? Bookmark lessons for later review, write notes and save for further reference.

Customizable Practice Sessions

Focus On Your Target Areas With Adaptive Learning Technology

Focus on what you need the most, and improve your weaknesses in a very short time. Take unlimited practice sessions choosing from specific lessons and question types, set time limit, choose difficulty levels and customize your practice as you like.

Unlimited Practice

Practice as much as you want to. With an unlimited number of practice sessions available, you will never run out of practice material.

Over 1000 Practice Questions

Practice from 1000+ high quality GRE practice questions that cover every single concept that the GRE tests you on.

Detailed Explanations

With solutions and detailed explanations that serve as mini-lessons, learn how to solve every single GRE question with CrunchPrep.

Fix Your Weaknesses Using Targeted Practice

Create your own practice sessions from an unlimited number of options including lessons, question types, time limit & difficulty levels


Math & Verbal Flashcards

Remember vocabulary and formulae easily with our friendly and intelligent flash cards

Learn 1000 high frequency GRE words, and 500 most important math formulae using our super-efficient and unique algorithm.

High Efficiency Learning

As you study, CrunchPrep learns how well you know each flashcard and prioritizes them for you, so you study only those you don’t know.

Learn Smarter Using Memory Aids

Learn and remember words and their contextual meanings easily using our unique memory aids for each word.

Full Length Practice Tests

Practice Tests Never Felt So Real

Get access to as many as 6 GRE-style full-length tests that replicate the adaptive algorithm of the actual GRE and are the most accurate way to track your progress and predict your GRE score.

Realistic Practice Tests

With the world’s most realistic GRE questions and practice tests, the tests you take and the scores you receive mirror the real test.

Predict Your Final Score

Get real-time and dynamic score prediction and check with your target GRE score, so you can make necessary changes to your study plan.

Performance Tracker

Keep Track of Your Progress

Analyze advanced reports and track your progress throughout your online GRE preparation and get detailed statistics about your performance.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress and learn which lessons and topics you have mastered and which are causing you the most trouble.

Analyze Your Mistakes

Track every mistake you make and get a personalized list of recommended lessons you should review.

Personal Tutors

Learn With A Virtual Tutor

Talk to our mentors and ask questions, discuss your progress, problem areas and get strategies on how to improve. Plus, get free help from our experts on university admissions, and SOPs.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Learn On The Go

Study at home, school, office, or on the go. Learn for the GRE at your free time, whenever and wherever you want, and on any device you have. No schedules, no classes, no travel.

Start your GRE prep today!

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