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I took the CrunchPrep course three months before the exam. I managed to score 315 on the GRE. The course was an incredible experience. The real asset of Crunchprep is that they are like an assorted box of chocolates, hand-picked by them to emulate the actual questions on the GRE! – Astha (315/161Q)

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The practice tests were simply amazing! I would rate them as high as the ETS PowerPrep tests. I also took Manhattan tests, but CrunchPrep’s were much more accurate, and had better questions. Plus, I got all my AWA essays rated. So, I’d say nothing beats CrunchPrep’s practice tests. – Peter (327/164V)

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See the concepts and question types you’ll encounter on the GRE, with detailed analysis and review.

The fact that I could take adaptive tests online just like on the real GRE, was what compelled me to sign up for CrunchPrep. Additionally, I like that my entire performance is recorded and I can go back and check my history all the time. The Review section helped me keep track of my weaknesses and I was easily able to monitor my improvement over time! – Wang (329/169V)

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Spot performance trends at a glance and identify weaknesses. Get customized skill analysis, and recommendations for improvement.

If there is one thing that no other course could provide me, it is the Review part. The kind of in depth analysis into questions that I answer, and the statistics and data were monumental in my prep. After every test, I could easily pin point my weak areas and start working on them immediately! – Bala (328/170Q)

Take CrunchPrep’s Free GRE Practice Test

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See what the GRE experimental section is all about and understand how it effects your performance on test day.

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Check your performance reports whenever you want and measure your improvement over time.

Take CrunchPrep’s Free GRE Practice Test

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*No credit card required.