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The CrunchPrep course helped strengthen my foundation in math. Being from a medical background, GRE math seemed like a daunting task to me. But your strategy lessons were crisp and on point. I joined your course to improve my math score, and I am very glad I did. It was totally worth it – Anita (321/168Q).
To be honest, RC used to be a nightmare to me previously. Now it’s more like my strong area. The techniques I learnt from the strategy lessons helped me improve my accuracy in practice tests. The number of correct answers increased as I started using your concepts and shortcut methods. I wouldn’t have got 160 in verbal if it wasn’t for you – Justin (324/160V).
The amount of detail the lessons provide, and the plenty of practice questions that are available, are the two things that I liked the most. The tips and strategies on breaking up sentences in TC, forming logical structures in RC, and guessing word meanings, have helped me a lot. The high frequency flashcards were also very helpful and fun to learn. I owe my verbal score to your lessons – Nikhita (327/170Q).
The way the lessons are divided into small and understandable concepts, is very good. It helped me understand my weak areas and improve on it before moving to the next concept. I thought studying for 3 months would be boring, but there is so much to do and learn, that made it all the more fun – Gloria (319/162V).
If there is one thing that no other course could provide me, it is the Review part. The kind of in depth analysis into questions that I answer, and the statistics and data were monumental in my prep. After every test, I could easily pin point my weak areas and start working on them immediately – Bala (328/170Q).
The way there was a solution and an explanation for all the quiz questions was impressive, because analyzing the question and answer choices is the best way to know the process of solving the questions, and to identify where you went wrong – Liu (317/162Q).
I scored 309 last year, and decided to retake it. I scored 322 yesterday, and I can say that this improvement in my score can be attributed to you. I am very elated, and proud to be a student of CrunchPrep, which helped me so much in achieving my goal. Thank you so much! – Xuan (322/169Q).
I improved my verbal score by 7 points and my math by 4 points. This allowed me to score 320+. I’m really happy with the score and I just wanted to thank you for offering the course. Your RC lessons are probably the best on the planet. They helped me crack almost every RC question on the test – Ganesh (321/167Q).
I had only 25 days to prepare and I didn’t think it would be enough. But with your help, I could get a good score in such short time. Also, thank you for making this the most affordable course in the world. Because of you, I was able to get a good score without spending a lot of time and money. I recommended CrunchPrep to all my friends who are taking the GRE – Adit (318/166Q).
This course is such a blessing to me. There aren’t many coaching centers in Ghana, so I was looking for an online program. Loved the course you offered, at such a good price. The questions were of great quality. My high GRE score would not have been possible otherwise – Safira (317/164Q).
CrunchPrep is excellent in many ways. The questions are top notch and actually more difficult than those I faced on the exam. The lessons are on point and simple to understand, and the review system is unparalleled. But more importantly, the course gave me immense confidence which actually made a huge difference on test day – Michelle (334/170Q).
I had no idea on where to start and how to manage my prep, with the confusing concepts in math and verbal. But you helped me design a study plan, which was incredibly helpful in structuring my study. I followed it blindly, and thanks to you, I got a 318. I don’t think it would have been possible without the preparation time – Daryl (318/157V).
The strategy lessons were excellent, and very clearly explained complex math concepts and RC passages. Also, I initially did not think your statistics would help a lot, but the more questions I solved, the more I realized how incredibly useful the review system is. I could clearly understand where I am going wrong, where I should increase my speed, etc. It was really helpful to me – Chelsea (331/167V).
The practice tests were simply amazing! I would rate them as high as the ETS PowerPrep tests. I also took Manhattan tests, but these were much more accurate, and had better questions. Plus, I got all my AWA essays rated. So, I’d say nothing beats CrunchPrep full length tests – Peter (327/164V).
The math questions on CrunchPrep were tougher than the GRE, which helped me prepare really well. They were so tough, I actually scored higher on the GRE. I like the way every question was explained well in the solutions, along with the shortcuts. Thanks to your tests and quizzes, I felt well prepared before the test day, ready to take the challenge, and did not experience any stress – Claire (324/164V).
What I like the most is the help I received from the CrunchPrep team. I get quick responses from them every time I need anything. They even got on call to help me out when I was stuck with a couple of concepts. Their test taking strategies and last minute tips proved very vital to me as a first timer – Shikha (321/166Q).
Being a marketer, I travel a lot. So, I wanted an online course with a flexible study plan. I chose CrunchPrep of all the available options, and I am happy with it. I got a study plan from you which I followed religiously. The one thing I liked the most is that I could study any time I want. Even while I was travelling, I could take quizzes and learn flashcards on my mobile. Thanks for your support, guys! – Enrico (317/162Q).
I can’t thank you enough. CrunchPrep helped me improve my score from 302 to 317 in 5 weeks. I couldn’t have asked for more. They even advised me on university selections and their feedback proved valuable. Such a great team to work with. 10/10 would recommend it to all my mates – Sharma (317/164Q).
I am very impressed by CrunchPrep and its team. I owe my 323 score to them. I told them I am targeting 155 in Verbal, but I was told I can easily do a 160+. I ended up with 159, and I couldn’t be any happier. They sure know how to bring out the best in you – Nguyen (323/164Q).
CrunchPrep helped me customize my study the way I want. I could pick and choose which lessons I wanted to learn, and which areas I wanted more practice on. I could simply skip the rest and focus on what I needed the most. Since I already had a strong math background and really just needed help with verbal, this is exactly what I wanted – Yvonne (319/166Q).
I took the CrunchPrep course three months before the exam. I managed to score 315 on the GRE. The course was an incredible experience. The real asset of Crunchprep is that they are like an assorted box of chocolates, hand-picked by them to emulate the actual questions on the GRE. The flash cards are handy and a flip through them for a small bout can help you learn eccentric words in a short span. The mentors are always on their toes to come to your assistance the very moment you need them. They are just a ping away – Astha (315/161Q).
Flashcards for vocab were really useful and relevant. I like the fact that CrunchPrep has a wide range of questions and once you solve them, you can see your strengths and weaknesses and can change your study plan accordingly. Coming to the Quant section, I can say with full confidence that you won’t get a better material anywhere else, mostly because the questions are exactly like the ones on the GRE. I scored 323 (Q168, V 155) and AWA 4.5. And I would be very disappointed had CrunchPrep not existed – Kaushal (323/168Q).
After trying my luck with Princeton Review coaching, I did not get what I want despite spending a lot of money. I was then looking for an online course that is affordable, and went for CrunchPrep. I felt very comfortable with the course, because not only I could study whenever I want, I could also get used to computer based learning and took their adaptive full length tests. I think that experience is what helped me with my GRE. I’d like to thank team CrunchPrep for helping me get the score I wanted. It was a very pleasant experience and I would certainly recommend it to people I know – Omar (319/164Q).
The fact that I could take adaptive tests online just like on the real GRE, was what compelled me to sign up for CrunchPrep. Additionally, I like that my entire performance is recorded and I can go back and check my history all the time. The Review section helped me keep track of my weaknesses and I was easily able to monitor my improvement over time. Overall, I am really satisfied with the course – Wang (329/169V).
I don’t know what to say I like the most. I must say everything about CrunchPrep is awesome. The course, the question quality, the number of questions, the flashcards, the strategies, the review system, the study plans, the supportive mentors, and everything else. I really liked it all. It had the expertise of a classroom coaching, while having the flexibility of being able to study at my own pace – Eduardo (321/162V).
I was initially apprehensive about joining this course, because I thought CrunchPrep, being the most affordable online course in the world, may not be as great as some of the others which are expensive. But apparently I was wrong. I took a chance because there was a money back guarantee, and I am thankful I did. There is so much content, so many questions and so much help from the team, all at such a reasonable price. My GRE score was better than what I targeted initially. You shouldn’t think twice. This is a great course – Aiya (323/162V).
CrunchPrep was top notch. I think it is one of the best courses out there. Those verbal strategies are unparalleled. So many techniques and shortcuts that a lazy student like me would definitely appreciate. 🙂 There are also plenty of hard level questions for every topic, so even those who are looking for advanced practice will find CrunchPrep super useful! – Reese (322/166Q).
I have learned a lot from CrunchPrep and owe my success to these guys. I am a repeater and I went from 296 to 311 in 2 months. I can say for sure that I would have never even dreamt of a 310+ on my GRE. But now I am confidently applying to top 20 universities – Paula (311/157V).
Verbal has always been a problem for me. Now I am no longer stuck between two answer choices. The verbal module helped me identify possible traps and pitfalls and as a result my score shot up 10 points in verbal alone! – Iris (326/165V).
CrunchPrep is an amazing course with awesome mentors. Scoring 170 in quant would not have been this easy without the practice tests and analytics – Rahul (317/170Q).
CrunchPrep has the perfect recipe for GRE prep. Regular interactions with my mentor helped me boost my confidence and score 326 on the test – Saurabh (326/170Q).
There is so much material to learn from that at the end of the course, I felt like a GRE expert myself. And that confidence in myself made a lot of difference on test day – Alex (325/164V).
CrunchPrep was exactly what I wanted. The flexibility of choosing the kind of questions I got in my quizzes and the simple explanations give CrunchPrep its edge – Aditya (317/158Q).
I finally got into my dream university, thanks to you. Thank you Sachin and thank you CrunchPrep team – Deepthi (312/157Q).
CrunchPrep really stands out from the other test prep courses out there because of its advanced analytics and course material. I really liked the course. I’ll give it a 10/10 – Shivam (321/164Q).
I have learned so much from CrunchPrep already. I have been struggling with Quant for a few weeks now, and CrunchPrep was like a master class course for the GRE. I learnt how to do a number of different things that I didn’t know how to do before. I owe my 165 in Quant to CrunchPrep – Rahul (312/165Q).
The verbal part of the course is really helpful for students like me who are not that good at English. The flashcards, the verbal strategies, and the great number of questions for practice helped me get over my weaknesses in English and helped me get a good score overall. I am thankful to the team for creating such an awesome course. Keep it up! – Chen (320/163V).
Almost every question I solved on CrunchPrep was so good, I found most of them hard to solve, so I can say, they are better than PowerPrep, and certainly way better than my previous coaching institute. Those hard questions in fact helped me prepare better for those 320+ level questions on the GRE – Reena (320/162V).
CrunchPrep completely changed my outlook towards GRE verbal and made it easy for me to score higher. The flashcards were very fun and useful to me since I could learn them all the time, anywhere I am. Prior to CrunchPrep I never knew that Reading Comprehension could be so simple. Now, for me it is the easiest section to master. My verbal score alone shot up by 8 points in 2 months – Dwight (318/161V).
CrunchPrep is the best resource for the verbal section. I recommend this for all non-natives who are looking to improve accuracy and timing on verbal questions. The foundational knowledge in preparing for RC questions helps in all areas of verbal. I also planned to tackle one section at a time and gauge my progress. This is something I learned from CrunchPrep’s strategy lessons – Ayumi (314/160V).