Quantitative Comparison questions make up almost 40% of the math section on the GRE. So, you could say that this section can ultimately decide the kind of score you’ll be getting on the test. And that is also why it is safe to say that if you’re able to get a good grip on this question type, then almost half of the battle is won. Having said that, most test takers are not well equipped to answer GRE Quantitative Comparison questions, mainly because quantitative comparison as a concept is not very common outside of the GRE exam. It’s not something that you would have learnt in school. And yet, it is an important part of the GRE math section. It’s is a unique type of question, and the answer choices that accompany this question type are also unique. So you should definitely understand how this question type works, and learn the specific techniques required to solve such questions quickly and easily. Quantitative comparison is one of those rare topics that you’ll have to start from the very beginning. And today, I will help you do exactly that.