Masters in the US. This is definitely a dream for millions of students (and their parents) around the world. If you’re an international student who just finished college, you must have definitely thought about pursuing a Masters degree abroad.

While finishing an undergraduate degree is definitely a major life achievement, it is often accompanied by the constant gnawing of the ‘What Next?’ question. As if the continuing anxiety of college wasn’t enough, this constant forward-looking question is something that must be haunting you. They always say that college opens up a lot of doors but no one ever warned us that choosing which door to open is going to be super stressful and virtually impossible.

It is, of course, a difficult choice to make, if not one of the most difficult choices you’ll ever make in your life, given that this is probably the first time you’ll leave your family and your home country to live and study in a foreign nation. And while we cannot make that difficult yet rewarding decision for you, we are at your service to help you make an informed decision.

The two most obvious choices after undergrad are employment and grad school. While working right after college is not a bad option, undergrad degrees often do not prepare you with the advanced technical skills required to land a high paying job. A masters degree is not only an advantage but also a requirement in order to settle into a professional environment and to successfully maneuver the ever-growing competition in the business world.