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A wise man once said, ‘The more I practice, the luckier I get.’ You would agree with him if you are a college student. Many of our students have experienced the same. The more GRE practice tests they took before the actual test, the higher they scored on test day.

We recently did a quick survey among students as to find out why most of them fail to get a score of their dreams. And the most obvious answer was that most students don’t take their GRE practice tests too seriously. The vast majority of students don’t take more than one practice tests, and this results in a lower overall score on test day, because they are simply not fully ready to take the test. So, how do you practice better? Where do you find resources and practice tests for the GRE?

There are so many test prep companies out there providing GRE practice tests. Both paid and free versions are available for you on demand, but then again, too many options is not too good. So, we have compiled the list of quality and free GRE practice tests on the internet, and also a guide on when and how to take each of these tests. This is a comprehensive list of all good, free GRE practice tests that you will find on the internet.