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Are you looking for GRE verbal strategies?

Are you not comfortable with the GRE Verbal section?

Does the idea of learning a ton of vocabulary scare you?

Do you think that it is an uphill task for a non-native speaker to learn English quickly?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. We’ve got you covered, with our foolproof GRE verbal strategies.

During our conversations with several hundreds of students and test takers from all over the world, we have realized that almost all of the non-native speaking test takers are finding it incredibly hard to improve their verbal score, especially if they only have a few weeks to prepare for the GRE. This seems more prevalent among students who come from an engineering background.

Most of these students are under the impression that a vocabulary-heavy test like the GRE is disadvantageous to those test takers who are not native to speaking the English language. And many of these students believe that Math is not much of a concern to them, and that the Verbal section, especially the vocabulary part, is the only thing that is not letting them score higher on the GRE.

But having said that, if it is your dream to study in the US, it is inevitable that you take this test, and excel at both the Math and the Verbal sections.

And that is why, we have created a list of learning strategies that can help you get over your fear of vocabulary and the English language, and help you increase your Verbal score on the GRE. Here are 21 foolproof GRE verbal strategies that have been tested and used by thousands of successful test takers, who found them very useful in turning their nightmares into strengths.

Try and implement as many of these strategies as you can in the little time that you have, and you will definitely see a score boost on the Verbal section.

Reading Comprehension has been the one unconquered section on the GRE for a long time now. Do you know why?

No, it is not because it is unconquerable, nor is it too difficult for the average test taker. It is because, there is nobody to tell you how to crack it. Nowhere on the internet will you find an ultimate guide, a one stop shop for all your queries regarding the most dreaded section on the GRE.

Yes, there are some really good guides available all over the internet, but ask yourself one question: Have they really served the purpose? Are they considered as Reading Comprehension Bibles? No, they aren’t. Has anyone ever told you that these guides have changed their lives? No. That is the reason you aren’t able to beat Reading Comprehension to its knees. It is not your fault, but it is due to the lack of an ultimate resource, that is full of proven strategies.

And that is why, we at CrunchPrep, have created a 14,000-word guide that breaks down the steps you need to take to destroy the Reading Comprehension section. Here’s what you will learn in The Ultimate Guide to Destroy GRE Reading Comprehension: